IShowSpeed slams setup after Randy Orton RKOs him again in WWE 2K24

IShowSpeed slams setup after Randy Orton RKOs him again in WWE 2K24

IShowSpeed slammed his setup after Randy Orton RKO’d him once again, in WWE 2K24 that is. Although, he did end up getting some virtual revenge this time around. 

If there was one moment to take from Wrestlemania 40, it was the absurd clip of IShowSpeed, donning a Prime mascot costume no less, getting RKO’d by the viper, Randy Orton, all for getting in the way between him and Logan Paul. 

Now it seems Speed has quite the grudge on Orton, as he attempted to get revenge for being RKO’d in front of millions, albeit doing it through WWE 2K24. 

In a stream days after Wrestlemania 40, Speed decided to boot up 2K24 to not only celebrate his appearance, but also to try and get some revenge. 

Clip starts at 1:18:42

The first match between his custom-made avatar and Randy Orton resulted in a win for Speed, with many a RKO being dealt to Orton by Speed in sweet revenge, playing Orton’s theme song in celebration. 

However, his second match didn’t exactly go to plan, as Speed saw himself on the losing end of the match, which ended in a massive RKO by Orton to get the pinfall, to which Speed naturally reacted by slamming his desk. 

“Not again, the same s*** again. It’s the same s***. It’s the same s***,” Speed said as he restarted the match once again for a third time. 

Amusingly enough, the third time wasn’t lucky as it ended in a brutal RKO by Orton, with Speed slamming his desk in reaction to it once again. 

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