IShowSpeed wants to set up WWE event with content creators

IShowSpeed wants to set up WWE event with content creators

YouTuber IShowSpeed proposed an event where content creators participate in WWE matches.

YouTuber IShowSpeed may not have the best experience in the ring, as his WrestleMania 40 debut against Randy Orton had him RKO’d in seconds.

However, IShowSpeed is leveling up, with hopes to start a content creator WWE event where influencers go head-to-head in wrestling matches.

While recently streaming, IShowSpeed brought the idea up, saying that he thought about it after attending a WWE show.

“What if I set up WWE with content creators, y’all? Let me know if that’s a W or L idea, bro,” IShowSpeed said on YouTube with over 37k subscribers listening.

After a clip of IShowSpeed was re-posted to X saying he would like to start the content creator-based event, many people had divided opinions about his proposal.

“Could be huge, but creators would need to be trained to protect themselves & their opponent — you can get seriously injured if not taken serious,” wrote one viewer.

“Ngl, that would actually go massive,” said another. 

However, some viewers thought otherwise, “No, they have already ruined boxing,” said one.

“Can’t happen. It would take way too long to learn the stunts,” commented someone else.

Though IShowSpeed proposed the idea, he didn’t give much detail about how the event would go or which content creators he would like to see at his WWE event.

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