Jake Paul finally admits he is “scared” of Mike Tyson despite predicting win

Jake Paul finally admits he is “scared” of Mike Tyson despite predicting win

Jake Paul has admitted he is “scared” of Mike Tyson ahead of their superfight, but he still believes he has got more than a puncher’s chance when it comes to winning. 

After years of talking and constant ‘will they, won’t they?’ Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will square off inside the boxing ring come July. The ‘Problem Child’ and ‘Iron’ Mike are fighting each other in Dallas, Texas, live on Netflix, in what will ultimately be an exhibition. 

Since the fight was announced, Jake has repeatedly claimed that he’s got a pretty big chance to beat the former Heavyweight king as he has been placing his youthfulness way above Tyson’s experience. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has also spoken about not being scared of ‘Iron’ Mike’s punching power, claiming he has an iron chin. However, that has changed a bit now, as he’s admitted he is a “little scared” of his rival. 

“I don’t get why people… it’s very 50/50 but, to the people that don’t think I’m going to win, I’m younger, faster, sharper, and can hit at the same levels that he can and be able to take his punches,” Jake said on episode 44 of his BS with Jake Paul podcast.

“Like, I’m a little scared because it is Mike Tyson and when I look across the ring I’m just going to have a ‘wow’ moment that I’m about to fight Mike Tyson.” 

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Given that the fight is in July, Jake does have plenty of time to prepare for his meeting with Tyson, but he does have an MVP event at the end of April before then. 

It remains to be sene if he’ll fight on that card, or if the spotlight will be placed on his stable of fighters. 

On top of that, he’s also drawn the attention of former UFC fight and pro boxer Clay Collard, who says he wants to ‘kick his ass’. So, Jake has a fair bit to deal with.

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