Jake Paul’s MMA debut delayed after having fight window set

Jake Paul’s MMA debut delayed after having fight window set

Jake Paul’s long-awaited MMA debut with the PFL is taking longer than expected, according to PFL boss Donn Davis, even though a window for his first fight had been set. 

When Jake Paul revealed that he’d signed with the PFL – Professional Fighters League – to make the jump into MMA, plenty of fans and fighters were excited to see how things would go. However, it’s been over a year since he penned that “multi-year” deal, and he’s still been focused on boxing. 

‘The Problem Child’ had been earmarked to make his debut in Q4 of 2024 but, with his superfight against Mike Tyson happening in July, that seemingly isn’t going to be the case either. 

“He’s doubled down on boxing in the near term, no question about that. There was a time where he may have done some boxing, 50/50, and right now it looks like he’s doing maybe 90/10 boxing and MMA. His development in MMA has not come along as quickly as we thought,” PFL boss Donn Davis said following the organization’s regular season event on April 12 in Las Vegas.

“Will he fight for PFL? 100%. Will he move to MMA? 100%. Is that timing delayed? It is.”

Davis also opened the door for Jake to fight Tyron Woodley in the PFL cage, seeing as he’s already beaten him in the boxing ring. “Of course! I don’t think Woodley can barely sit in his chair any longer and commentate, he’s ready to get in that cage,” he added. 

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Jake had eyed up Nate Diaz to be his first dance partner inside the MMA cage, offering him a two-fight deal. However, the Stockton native rejected that seeing as he wouldn’t fight in any other MMA organization other than the UFC. 

Tommy Fury, who has no MMA experience, has also been offered the chance to meet Jake in the cage after he snapped the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s undefeated boxing record.

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