Jane Lynch teases ‘prominent’ Only Murders Season 4 role despite her character’s death

Kayla Harrington

Jane Lynch teases ‘prominent’ Only Murders Season 4 role despite her character’s death


Only Murders in the Building Season 3 ended with a bang as Jane Lynch’s character died from a gun shot wound, but the actress has hinted that her role in Season 4 will still be fairly large despite her deceased status.

“Well, I’m the murder victim, which is not a tease,” Lynch told People. “And so I have some really great flashbacks.”

The actress went on to say that she will “also appear in [the season] another way,” adding, “I don’t want to give it away though, but I’m in it a lot. I’m in five out of 10 episodes, so I’m excited.”

It’s not surprising that Lynch would appear in the series after her character’s death as every season of Only Murders in the Building has allowed its central victim to return in flashbacks or dream sequences.

However, Lynch’s role could turn out to be a special case as her character is extremely close to the main cast as she plays Sazz, Charles-Haden Savage’s (Steve Martin) TV stunt double.

Sazz’s death will also put an extra dangerous level to the upcoming season as she died in Charles’ apartment while dressed like him, so it’s likely that the killer actually intended to kill Charles instead of Sazz.

Jane Lynch teases ‘prominent’ Only Murders Season 4 role despite her character’s death


Season 4 will see Charles and his true crime podcast team/best friends Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) unravel who killed Sazz, if she or Charles were the real target, and why anyone would want either of them dead.

Showrunner John Hoffman explained that the season as a whole will deal with the theme of consequences, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I think the idea of what you create is a thing you put out to the world, and sometimes you can’t be prepared for the repercussions of what potentially the world does with your thing, and how they feel about it.


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“That’s a challenging line to walk, and sometimes you have to face it in that way. So, the podcast and everything else that’s happened, and what it all means, and what it could have been meaning all along. That’s a really interesting world to look at for these three who stepped in that way.”

Season 4 will also have two locations as the season will be split between New York City and Los Angeles, as Season 3 set up that the main trio’s love interests will be out there for one reason or another.

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