Jennifer Hale “loves” voicing Ashe in Overwatch 2 despite not keeping up with the game

Jennifer Hale “loves” voicing Ashe in Overwatch 2 despite not keeping up with the game

Jennifer Hale is one of gaming’s most notable voices, her role in the Overwatch franchise just one of the many she “loves” despite not keeping up with the ongoing game.

When it comes to video game voice acting royalty, the name Jennifer Hale is often one that those who love the industry will point to as being one of the most prolific workers in the business.

With almost 500 acting credits to her name, many of which come from voice acting roles in the gaming and anime spaces, Hale has become a household name. 

Included in her long list of roles for which she is known for is Ashe from the Overwatch franchise. First introduced back in 2018, Ashe has become a staple of the Overwatch roster and is still to this day a Damage hero many players use when diving into a match in Overwatch 2.

Jennifer Hale “loves” voicing Ashe in Overwatch 2 despite not keeping up with the game

Ashe has been a playable hero in Overwatch since 2018

During Supanova Melbourne, Dexerto sat down to interview Jennifer Hale, chatting about her role in Overwatch as Ashe and what her experience working on the franchise has been like.

Straight off the bat, Hale admitted that she loves her role as Ashe in the Overwatch universe. “It’s a blast and I love Ashe. It’s very freeing to play Ashe,” Hale said with all the enthusiasm you can imagine.

However, the voice actor later admitted that while she loves voicing Ashe in Overwatch, she is not up to date on the state of the game. Explaining how given the nature of the free-to-play title, she comes in when needed to record lines before switfly moving on to the next project.

Given this, Hale was quite tight-lipped on what she can and can’t say about Overwatch 2’s possible PvE content or the future of Ashe in general.

“I have no idea. I only know what’s been recorded and since I don’t know what’s been released, I don’t talk about what’s been recorded.”

When asked if she is heading back into the studio anytime soon to record new voice lines for Ashe, Hale once again played her cards close to her chest. “I can’t say, I’m not allowed to say.”

However, when asked which other Overwatch hero she would love to voice if given the chance, there was no hesitation in her answer. “My first thought was B.O.B,” admitted Hale. Perhaps one day we’ll get a skin line with the lovable Omnic companion speaking his mind.

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