JiDion returns to YouTube after two-month hiatus to focus on Christianity

JiDion returns to YouTube after two-month hiatus to focus on Christianity

Content creator JiDion has returned to YouTube for his first new piece of content since he chose to take a step away from the platform to focus on his Christian faith.

While JiDion did briefly boot up his YouTube account once more in February 2024, the video, which only lasted two minutes, was not in any way a proper return.

However, his brand new video, titled “DeMarcus Cousins Hangs Out With a Former Yakuza Member,” is over 20 minutes long. The new video already amassed tens of thousands of views the day of publishing.

The video is set in Japan, with JiDion revealing that this new content was filmed while he was holidaying in the country.

“No one asked for this. This was just random and fun from my trip to Japan. Hope you enjoyed it!”

Back in September 2023, JiDion revealed that he would be taking a break from YouTube, the content creator explaining that he had chosen to step away and delete all of his prank video content as it no longer aligned with his personal beliefs.

“If I’m gonna truly give my life over to god, I gotta also take out the wickedness that I put into the world,” JiDion told his audience.

“As an influencer, I failed this generation horribly,” he admitted. “I did not contribute for the positive, I contributed for the negative.

“I can’t be the way I was anymore, and I won’t ever be the way I was anymore…So, if you won’t cut me off, I need to cut myself off from you.”

While this new video does not reveal whether or not JiDion will be permanently back making content, it is the first full video he has released in 2 months.

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