Joey Swoll demands LA Fitness ban gym-goer for grabbing another member

Joey Swoll demands LA Fitness ban gym-goer for grabbing another member

Joey Swoll is calling for the membership of an LA Fitness gym-goer to be relinquished after they grabbed another man who walked through their workout video.

Self-proclaimed “CEO of Gym Positivity,” Joey Swoll, isn’t just popular for his built physique, but also for creating a positive space for gym-goers. 

Whether it’s calling someone out for their gym behavior or promoting body positivity, Swoll knows a thing or two about how to succeed while working out.

In one of his recently viral videos, Swoll stitched a video of a gym-goer grabbing another member as the guy had walked into the gym-goer’s video frame while he was recording his workout.

In the video, the gym-goer can be heard saying, “Bruh, don’t walk past my video,” as he pushed him backward out of the way. While the gym-goer continued to swear at the man, the confrontation did not escalate past that point.

After Swoll saw what happened, he took to social media to say you should “never” put your hands on someone else while at the gym or ever.

“Until you learn to control yourself, you don’t belong in shared spaces like gyms. So I really hope that LA Fitness sees this and they remove you to protect their members,” Swoll said.

Swoll also called the gym-goer out for posting the interaction to their social media, as he thought it was distasteful to “brag” about putting his hands on someone for walking through his video frame.

Though Swoll’s opinion may have some pull in the gym world, it is unknown, at this time, if the gym-goer was nixed from LA Fitness or not.

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