JoJo Siwa faces backlash over viral “disturbing” Pride in the Park performance

Molly Byrne

JoJo Siwa faces backlash over viral “disturbing” Pride in the Park performance

X: effieisstarving

JoJo Siwa danced explicitly at her Pride in the Park performance, but those who were once fans aren’t thrilled at the intimacy she displayed in front of young kids in the crowd.

JoJo Siwa, 21, is under fire for a raunchy performance on June 8 at Pride in the Park in Los Angeles.

While she was previewing a new song with the lyrics “keep living,” she put her hand underneath her bottoms and then rubbed her hand up and under her crop top.

In a post that went viral, an X account called the artist out for getting so drunk that she began touching herself in front of young fans.

Netizens who saw her performance online commented on the post by saying she “doesn’t have a single song where she should be doing this.”

While in shock, someone else asked in all caps, “Why did her hands go under the clothes?” Another taken-aback fan added, “Like genuinely oh my god.”

Many fans also called the artist out for being too inappropriate in front of her young fans, with one saying, “Her fans are little kids. She knows that right? Most people who go through that phase distance themself from the child audience.” 

Prior to the intimate moment, JoJo chugged from a handle of Tito’s vodka. She also clapped back at an online commenter who called her a “man.”

As fans cheered her on, she said that she had a “bigger d*ck” than the commenter and had also “f*cked more girls” than them.

In March, JoJo even warned her fans that she’d be entering an unforeseen era, saying in a social media post, “Warning — the following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers.”

Though she might have lost some supporters after her Pride in the Park performance, the artist has yet to defend her explicit choreography.

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