Kai Cenat blasts claims he “mocked” Jamaican culture after dancing clip goes viral

Kai Cenat blasts claims he “mocked” Jamaican culture after dancing clip goes viral

Twitch star Kai Cenat has hit back at claims he “mocked” Jamaican culture following a viral clip of him dancing when he visited Jamaica.

In the days prior, Kai Cenat live streamed his visit to Jamaica, where he was often shown dancing. A clip of him dancing while at the annual Carnival event has since gone viral, which has received floods of backlash accusing him of having “mocked” Jamaican culture.

On April 9, the Twitch streamer was live when he said he usually “never bite the bait” in regards to online backlash, but this time he addressed the hate he had received:

“This is when s**t got weird bro, n***as had the audacity to say, that I was out there mocking Jamaica bro. A n***a that’s not from Jamaica go and make a tweet… and everybody erm under it and s**t was agreeing, was saying that, what I was doing in Jamaica was not culture.”

He further stated: “This is for people that don’t know me, you’re talking to a son of a mother who’s from Trinidad and Tobago… the Caribbean, okay? My pops is Haitian. Okay? I grew up eating straight roti, rice and peas… curry goat, oxtail, Jerk chicken, I grew up eating all that. You feel me? I grew up eating all that.

“Then, I had a group of six people in my school who were straight Jamaican… I had friends growing up that were strictly from Spanish town – Kingston, Portmore, okay? I was rushing home after school with my Jamaican friends to go play, dominoes, Ludi. I was playing Ludi every day after school!”

Cenat went on to state that he used to go to “every Jamaican backyard party there was, I enjoyed it. You know why? Because I f**k with Jamaica heavy bro.” The Twitch star ended by saying: “I’ve been waiting to go to Jamaica like that my whole life! No cap.”


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