Kai Cenat threatens to sue after woman leaks intimate pictures & videos

Kai Cenat threatens to sue after woman leaks intimate pictures & videos

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has responded after private images and messages of him were leaked, threatening to take the person responsible to court.

Popular content creator Kai Cenat has hit back after a previous guest at his house leaked messages and images of the streamer.

Posts on X (formerly Twitter) showcasing the pair in bed together quickly went viral, with the woman accused of leaking the footage claiming Cenat had not paid her the agreed “hush money.”

However, Cenat has remained unbothered by the situation, appearing calm (and even amused) on stream and promising to see the woman responsible “in court.”

“There is some dumb sh**, clout chasing weird ass sh** going on right now bro,” Cenat told his viewers, before assuring fans that all would be “alright.”

“I’ll see you in court. Got you,” he continued, bursting into laughter. Cenat also revealed that the encounter that had been leaked allegedly occurred at the beginning of 2023 and claimed the woman responsible was Kiara Rush.

He went on to deny rumors he had paid her $5,000, showing receipts by revealing the only transaction made on his account was to buy Rush an Uber; “I got you a f****** Uber b****, $50 b****.”

Cenat also claimed that Rush had attempted to blackmail him, sharing a recorded call allegedly between the pair; “You took a picture of me without my consent, naked. That’s revenge p***.”

“She’s panicking right now,” Cenat said, with fans hoping that the possibility of an impending lawsuit could see Rush charged and facing jail time. The situation has gotten so tense, in fact, Cenat has now established a website compiling evidence against Rush, including many of the clips above.

“They need to put her in jail,” one person wrote on X. Another said, “Yeah she can get arrested and even face charges for this. She’s cooked, bro.”

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