Kaiju No 8 creator marks anime premiere in the cutest way

Kaiju No 8 creator marks anime premiere in the cutest way

Kaiju No 8 anime finally had its premiere, and the manga’s creator celebrates the occasion in the most adorable way.

The first episode of Kaiju No 8 was released today on Crunchyroll. The anime show is one of the most hyped releases out of the Spring 2024 lineup. Animated by Production I.G., the series starts on a positive note by faithfully adapting the source material.

To celebrate the premiere of the anime series, Kaiju No 8 manga creator, Naoya Matsumoto, made an adorable illustration. The illustration features little Reno and little Kafka transformed into the monster sitting together and watching the first episode of the anime.

There’s also a robotic cat present in the picture. The cat represents the author himself and it makes the illustration both cute and funny. If it wasn’t adorable enough, the mangaka also added a small bucket of popcorn and a tiny soda with the boys.

The illustration makes it obvious that Matsumoto is as pleased with the anime adaptation as his readers are. Judging the reception of Kaiju No 8 premiere and the general hype around the anime, it can be assumed that the series will be a big player in this anime season. 

For those who are yet to watch the first episode, Kaiju No 8 is set in a world ravaged by Godzilla-like monsters called kaiju. To deal with the frequent kaiju attacks, there are two prominent organizations: the Defense Corps are the elite soldiers who kill the kaiju and the Monster Cleaners are those who clean the kaiju’s corpses.

The protagonist Kafka Hibino is a 32 year old man working as a cleaner after he failed to get into the Defense Corps. On a fateful day, he survives a kaiju attack, only to be transformed into a kaiju himself when an unknown kaiju flies into his mouth.

Kaiju No 8 will be back next week after its successful premiere. If you’re getting confused with all the kaiju appearing in the series, you can keep track with our guide on every monster to appear in Kaiju No 8. Or if you’re looking for more anime like this, check out our recommendation on the best anime like Kaiju No 8.


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