Kaiju No 8: Episode schedule and release plan explained

Kaiju No 8: Episode schedule and release plan explained

The highly-anticipated Kaiju No 8 anime has made its grand debut – so here’s the complete schedule so you never miss an episode.

Spring 2024 anime season is finally here as the highly-anticipated Kaiju No. 8 anime show has premiered on Crunchyroll. Based on Naoya Matsumoto’s shonen manga, the story follows Kafka Hibino, who works for a professional cleaning company that specializes in the battle aftermath of grotesque monsters called Kaiju.

While he’s always wanted to kill those Kaijus, he doesn’t have the qualifications to do so. However, Kafka soon finds himself in the middle of the action when a mysterious insect invades his body and turns him into a hybrid monster.

With his newfound powers, Kafka might turn his lifelong dream into reality. The anime made its debut in April.

Kaiju No 8 release time

Kaiju No. 8 started on April 13, 2024. It will broadcast on Japanese networks at 11:00pm JST. On Crunchyroll, the episodes will air sub and dub versions on same dates. While the sub will start streaming at 7:00am PT, the dub will be available on 8:30am PT.

Here are the timezones for Kaiju No 8 episodes:

Kaiju No 8 episode schedule

Kaiju No 8: Episode schedule and release plan explained

Kaiju No 8 is listed for 12 episodes. New episodes will drop every Saturday. As of now, there are no announcements of recap episodes or breaks.

Here’s the complete episode schedule of Kaiju No 8:

We will update this list if there are any last-minute announcements. If you’re keen for similar shows, our list of the best anime like Kaiju No 8 has plenty. You can also check out our list of all the major characters in the series.

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