Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

The much-awaited Kaiju No 8 anime has finally made its debut in Spring 2024. Here’s every monster that has appeared in Kaiju No 8 anime so far.

Written and illustrated by mangaka Naoya Matsumoto, Kaiju No 8 is an action shonen manga. Currently, it is one of the biggest hits from Shueisha, ranking as one of the top 20 ongoing books on Manga Plus. The anime show was announced in 2022, and now it’s here.

Kaiju No 8 is set in a world where giant Godzilla-like creatures called kaiju ravage cities, with Japan having the most number of kaiju incidents. An organization called the Defense Corps kills these kaiju to protect civilians. There’s another organization who cleans up the corpses of the kaiju after the Defense Corps are done with them.

As Kaiju No 8 releases on Crunchyroll as a part of the Spring 2024 anime lineup, we’re compiling all the monsters throughout the season, so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be a monster expert!

1. The kaiju at the beginning

Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

The anime starts with a kaiju wreaking havoc on Yokohama. The monster is massive and has a godzilla-like appearance with protruding spines along its body and huge round eyes. It is so big that it takes the Cleaning Corps days to clean its dead body.

This monster is the introductory kaiju in Kaiju No 8, giving the viewers an idea what to expect in the future. However, it doesn’t get to show much of its destructive power as it is quickly killed by the Third Division of the Defense Corps, led by Mina Ashiro.

2. Yoju, the auxiliary kaiju

Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

The second monster to appear in Kaiju No 8 is the auxiliary kaiju from the first creature, known as a yoju. But it looks completely different from the original monster or the honju. Instead of looking like a Godzilla, the auxiliary kaiju takes the form of a giant head with a four-legged body and huge protruding eyes.

This monster suddenly appears out of the original kaiju’s body and attacks Kafka Hibino and Leno Ichikawa when they are cleaning the original’s intestine. It almost kills Kafka and Leno. But fortunately Mina Ashiro and her team appear right in time to kill it and save them.


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3. The flying kaiju

Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

This is the special kaiju that starts it all. After Kafka and Leno are saved by Mina and the Third Division, they are hospitalized as Mina’s team looks for the other yoju. However, what they are looking for appears right in front of Kafka, though its significance will be revealed later.

The flying kaiju is a small monster that looks like an insect. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it seems to be specifically targeting Kafka and flies straight into his mouth. As soon as Kafka consumes the parasitic monster, he’s transformed into the titular Kaiju No 8.

4. Kaiju No 8

Kaiju No 8: Every monster in the anime so far

The most important of them all, Kaiju No 8 is the titular monster of the series. After the flying kaiju flies into Kafka’s mouth, he goes through a stark transformation and becomes an Identified Kaiju. Though Kafka doesn’t understand its significance at the beginning, he’ll soon come to realize what great power he wields as the monster.

Kaiju No 8 has a very distinct appearance. He has a humanoid look with bright turquoise lining different parts of his body. Kafka gains an astounding amount of strength when transformed, able to destroy a massive kaiju with a single punch. Possessing such incredible combat power, this monster is currently one of the strongest characters in the anime.

5. The kaiju outside the hospital

Kafka’s transformation into Kaiju No 8 invites all sorts of trouble for him and Leno. When the two escape the hospital after an old man alerts the Defense Corps, they try to find a way to hide. What they find instead is a huge kaiju about to attack a little girl and her mom trapped under a fallen house.

It is the first monster that Kafka fights as Kaiju No 8. The monster is a generic one with no significant strength. However, it does serve the purpose of demonstrating just how strong Kafka is as the monster. A single punch from Kaiju No 8 is enough to kill the creature.

The anime is only beginning and there will be lots of monsters to come next as the story progresses. As new episodes come out, we’ll be introducing to every new monster to appear in Kaiju No 8.

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