Kaiju No 8 reveals opening theme, and fans love it for one reason

Kaiju No 8 reveals opening theme, and fans love it for one reason

Kaiju No 8 unveiled its opening song with the second episode and fans are already impressed with it for doing one thing better than most anime.

The second episode of Kaiju No 8 just dropped. While the premiere episode didn’t feature an opening song, the second episode did. The opening theme of the anime is a song called “Abyss”, performed by the English artist YUNGBLUD.

The opening theme of Kaiju No 8 has futuristic visuals of colors and shapes that lead to the animation of a few kaiju, followed by Kafka and Mina, standing side by side in front of a horde. The animation resembles a live-action version, making the visuals rather unique.

Viewers are quite impressed by the visuals of the Kaiju No 8 opening as it provides no spoilers for the anime. The animation in the opening is unique and sleek and it doesn’t follow the trend of introducing the main characters in a generic way like most anime do. The opening instead gives a futuristic vibe that sits well with the premise of the anime. 

In the past, anime viewers have had issues with about being spoiled by the opening credits of the show. The lack of it in Kaiju No 8 has come as a breath of fresh air for many.

“I honestly don’t remember the last time we had an opening like this, very abstract and more importantly didn’t really spoil anything, just cool all around,” writes a viewer on Reddit, praising the Kaiju No 8 opening.

“The OP is very…artsy, with so much CG, genes, mutations, weapons, Kaiju, CG Kafka, Mina, and Kaiju No. 8,” comments another fan, noticing the uniqueness of the opening.

“OP is definitely one of the weirder ones I’ve seen. The good thing is it doesn’t spoil things from the season, although the kaiju that are shown in it do appear later on,” is what another user has to say about the Kaiju No 8 opening.


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Kaiju No 8 has already impressed the fandom with only two episodes, and it’s expected to continue to do so. Thus, this is the best time to know more about the new series. Check out our guide on every Kaiju No 8 major character and Kaiju No 8 monster to appear in the anime so far.

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