Karen Fukuhara would “love” to return to divisive major franchise once again

Karen Fukuhara would “love” to return to divisive major franchise once again

Karen Fukuhara is a part of many beloved franchises, however the actor recently revealed she would “love” to return to one of the more divisive characters she has portrayed.

Karen Fukuhara is quickly making a name for herself through her leading and supporting roles in major franchises such as The Boys, Pokemon, She-Ra, and more. However, the franchise that in many ways kickstarted her career was the original Suicide Squad.

Released back in 2016, the first iteration of the film introduced the likes of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot into the live-action DC universe. For Fukuhara, joining the DC universe as Katana was a major stepping stone for her career.

During a recent Q&A at Supanova Melbourne, Fukuhara admitted that she would “love to return” to the character of Katana and would be “so open for a call” to once again appear in the world of DC.

“My first movie gig was Suicide Squad. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be a part of it and it was just the best time. It felt like camp in a way. And then we shot this crazy film, lots of night shoots, and then we moved to Toronto which is where The Boys is also filmed.”

For Fukuhara, her time on Suicide Squad taught her what it means to be a part of a major franchise and what adaptations of comics and other mediums mean to fans who have loved the characters for decades.

“I think being a part of a big franchise is fun because, you know, there are people looking forward to seeing it even before it’s been made because of the source material.”

And while the film was met with mixed reactions from fans and largely panned by critics, its spiritual successor The Suicide Squad was met with major praise. Spawning a Peacemaker TV series and more in the process.

Despite Fukuhara not returning for the Suicide Squad reboot, it’s evident the actor is willing to jump back in if the chance ever presents itself.

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