Kevin Hart floors Kai Cenat with spontaneous LeBron James FaceTime

Joe Pring

Kevin Hart floors Kai Cenat with spontaneous LeBron James FaceTime


Kevin Hart and Kai Cenat teamed up once more for a collaborative Twitch stream on June 10, this time in the form of a sleepover livestream.

Picking up his phone mid-conversation during the almost 11-hour broadcast, Hart says: “Hold on, hold on,” before stating that he has LeBron James on the line for a FaceTime call.

Upon confirming that the Los Angeles Lakers player was on the line, Cenat lost his composure and started pogoing from excitement. The Twitch streamer paused briefly to greet the NBA all-star and ensure Hart wasn’t pulling his leg before continuing the celebrations.

Hart maintained his composure throughout the call, slyly grinning over Cenat’s disbelief and explaining to James that he was currently on a live stream.

As expected, Cenat’s Twitch chat explodes in disbelief over the guest appearance while James, informed of what’s happening, responds with “Oh. Oh sh*t,” when Hart informs him that his voice is being broadcast to thousands of people. Hart then holds the phone up to the camera to dispel any doubt that the call was a stunt.

That figure undersells the success of Cenat’s stream. Per Kai Mafia Updates on X/Twitter, 650,000 people had tuned in to enjoy the show when Hart called his famous friend. Viewer figures peaked at over 700,000, making the stream Cenat’s biggest ever.

Many of the antics were callbacks to Cenat and Hart’s earlier stream, including a game of What’s in the Box? starring comedian Druski and a tortoise.

Cenat, Hart, and several others end the night by settling down for some shuteye. Well-earned rest after 10 hours of partying, cooking games, and, of course, a phone call to one of basketball’s all-time greats.

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