Kick viewers call gym after Demisux refuses to report man appearing to film her

Kick viewers call gym after Demisux refuses to report man appearing to film her

Kick streamer Demisux was working out when her viewers noticed a man appearing to film her from behind, prompting them to call the gym and explain what happened when she refused to report him.

An April 15 Kick gym stream got weird when Demisux was running on a treadmill and a man walked behind her with his phone out, seemingly recording her without her knowing.

While she wasn’t aware of this initially, her viewers spotted the alleged photographer and urged her to report him to the gym. However, the streamer didn’t seem convinced it was a good idea.

“It’s the same thing as me streaming him and people walking around. I mean, obviously it’s a little different because…” she began, seemingly losing her train of thought. “I don’t know, I don’t wanna be that girl. I don’t wanna ban him.”

Despite Demisux’s hesitation to alert the gym’s staff, viewers decided to take matters into their own hands by calling the gym and letting them know what happened.

After getting off the phone with a viewer, a gym staff member approached the streamer to let her know that someone from chat had informed them that someone had allegedly filmed her without consent.

“I was on the treadmill over there and then the guy came up to me and started recording my butt. I guess it was on stream, so people told me,” she explained.

Once the staff member saw the footage, he seemed to have an idea of who the man was, revealing that he’d have a word with him the next time he’s in the gym.

Demisux maintained her position that the man recording her was similar to her streaming in the gym, but the staff member scoffed at her view, noting that he shouldn’t be filming without consent.

This is hardly the first time controversy has erupted over gymgoers filming people. Influencer Joey Swoll has made a ton of videos calling out people for recording strangers in the gym, even going as far as getting them banned for their antics.

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