Leaked Black Ops Gulf War perk could completely change Warzone meta

Leaked Black Ops Gulf War perk could completely change Warzone meta

The leaks have started to pour out regarding the 2024 entry into the Call of Duty franchise. Expected to be named Black Ops Gulf War, according to prior reports, one particular perk could be set to have huge implications for Warzone if it goes into the game and completely shift the meta — and it might not be a good thing.

With each new Call of Duty game, Warzone battle royale undergoes some serious changes that keep the game fresh while still attempting to deliver the experience players loved from Day 1 in Verdansk, which is also expected to return this year according to leaks.

While Warzone has changed drastically since then, not every change has been welcomed with open arms, such as the removal of slide canceling and an altered perk system when Warzone 2 launched alongside MW2 in 2022.

On April 14, a number of multiplayer leaks for Black Ops Gulf War started pouring out, pertaining to perks, streaks, weapons in the game and more, and one perk in particular will not only concern multiplayer fans, but could also alter Warzone significantly: Survivor.

The description for Survivor is as follows: “On death, enter Last Stand with the ability to self-revive once per life. Teammates can revive downed players faster.”

Of course, Last Stand was abandoned in Call of Duty some time ago, giving players an unfair advantage if they got outgunned by literally allowing them to live through it, providing a teammate could pick them up.

Leaked Black Ops Gulf War perk could completely change Warzone meta

Last Stand was a hugely divisive perk that most players were glad to see the back of.

This is very interesting when it comes to Warzone, though, because if it’s implemented like-for-like in the battle royale title, it could mean that players get a free Self Revive if they equip the perk, completely changing the state of the game.

This would arguably make it a crutch perk and you would be hard pushed to find a player going without it, and could be crucial in those late-game regains when you land straight on your Loadout Drop.


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No doubt, Survivor would then become a huge point of contention among players, giving players such a huge advantage, so they will absolutely have to consider adapting this to be more fair in Warzone.

For example, it could keep the faster revive from teammates but remove the free Self Revive, or adapt the perk completely to try alter it for the battle royale realm. This would then make it more of an even toss up between Survivor and, say, Tempered, or Double Time, for example.

Of course, it’s still incredibly early days, so this perk may not even be in Gulf War when the game launches later this year, but if it is, developers Treyarch and Raven Software will need to carefully consider how they implement it in Warzone.

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