Legendary anime movie getting theatrical re-release — but there’s a catch

Legendary anime movie getting theatrical re-release — but there’s a catch

A certifiable cult classic, featuring work from anime movie heavyweights, is getting a rare theatrical release in Japan, but a new transfer gives hope for more plans.

Memories, the anime movie linking central creatives behind Paprika and Akira, has been slated for a screening in Japan. A sci-fi horror anthology overseen by Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira, and featuring a script from Satoshi Kon, it’s a true gem of the medium.

Coming out in 1995, Memories is made up of three parts: Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon Fodder. Each covers a unique premise, all tied together by being dystopian.

Stink Bomb concerns bioweaponry, while Cannon Fodder looks at the military-industrial complex. Magnetic Rose is the most prominent of the three, set in a haunted spaceship, of sorts. Evocative of Event Horizon, some of the visuals are truly staggering.

The animation across the board is astounding, indicative of filmmakers at the top of their game at a point when the industry was enjoying huge growth. Sadly, it’s become something of a rarity thanks to limited distribution.

That may be changing now. Memories has received a new digital transfer, ahead of the anime movie release in Shibuya, Tokyo, starting Friday, April 19. This is part of an event celebrating the history of anime, and though nothing else is planned for now, the reveal of a shiny new version of the film for cinemas has me hopeful.

Memories came to Blu-ray last year in the UK, but it’s evaded the big screen for the longest time. Now, that may change — watch this space. Check out our upcoming anime guide for what’s otherwise coming out this year.

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