Lil Tay slams JoJo Siwa as shady tweet sparks viral feud

Lil Tay slams JoJo Siwa as shady tweet sparks viral feud

Internet icons Lil Tay and JoJo Siwa may have never been close, but there seems to be no chance of a friendship between them after JoJo allegedly liked and unliked a tweet calling Lil Tay “pathetic.”

Earlier this week, YouTuber, Dance Moms alum, and singer JoJo Siwa allegedly liked and unliked a tweet calling young influencer Lil Tay a ‘pathetic meme.’

“There’s really no comparison between JoJo and #LilTay anyway. #JoJoSiwa has a career. Lil Tay is just a meme, and a pathetic one at that,” read the tweet made by a fan, ‘TheBookN3rd.’

While the two are budding music artists, Lil Tay wanted it known that there is no comparison between them, as she called JoJo out for being a “Madonna from Dollar Tree.”

“You’re a scary a** b*tch if you have something too say about me. Say it, and this time DON’T delete your comment or unlike shady tweets!” responded Lil Tay.

The singer continued, “Don’t let those paid YouTube views and botted Spotify streams get to your head, Madonna from Dollar Tree a** b*tch.”

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Another fan also tweeted that Lil Tay was looking for relevancy, to which she replied by calling the poster “stupid.”

This isn’t the first time this year that JoJo has been highlighted in the media. In March, she revealed her new image that she described in a video as “not made for children,” saying it may be “disturbing or offensive” to viewers.

Some fans of Siwa weren’t keen on her new look and quickly made their opinions heard. One commenter told her to not “sell her soul to the devil,” while another asked her to not turn down the same road as singer Miley Cyrus.

Not only that but, she was accused this April of “stealing” a TikToker’s song titled ‘Choose your Fighter,’ which had been uploaded to the platform in October 2022 by singer/songwriter Emeline.

However, Lil Tay has seen little limelight since the viral ‘death’ hoax that surrounded her in August 2023 when a post claimed that both she and her brother had died. This was untrue, and she returned to social media shortly thereafter, with claims that her father had allegedly abused her as a child.


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She also alleged that her father tried to profit off of the viral death hoax by setting up a crypto coin in her honor.

Despite the drama, she came back shortly after in September 2023 by releasing her single ‘SUCKER 4 GREEN (MONEY),’ and followed up with a music video for the track that elaborated her taste for the finer things in life.

Though Lil Tay and JoJo may have never considered themselves friends before, it’s clear that after this latest social media clash, they won’t be heading down the path of friendship any time soon.

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