Logan Paul hits back at viral Prime Hydration “forever chemical” lawsuit

Logan Paul hits back at viral Prime Hydration “forever chemical” lawsuit

Logan Paul has responded to the Prime Hydration “forever chemical” lawsuit that’s gone viral across social media.

A lawsuit was filed back in 2023 alleging that Prime Hydration — specifically, its grape flavor — had too many per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever chemicals.”

The claims went viral across social media in April 2024 due to an update on the case on April 18, causing a fair bit of backlash towards the company in the process.

Logan Paul has now responded to the accusations in a video on social media clarifying the ordeal.

“First off, anyone can sue anyone at any time, that does not make the lawsuit true. And in this case, it is not,” he said to start the video.

Logan went on to mention that the lawsuit is talking about the bottle containing the “forever chemicals,” and revealed that they use the same manufacturer that big brands like Pepsi and Coca Cola do.

“Accordingly, we follow Title 21 for the code of regulations for PET and all other types of bottles. But let’s say they’re talking about the drink itself, that’s where their argument really falls apart.

“This little study that was conducted by a lawyer is absolute bullsh*t,” he continued. “They’re claiming that Prime has 0.06 parts per trillion, but the EPA says anything under 1.1 is undetectable.”

Logan said: “This means that they don’t have the right tools or resources to even prove what they’re claiming. It means that the detection limit is 66 times what they’re claiming we have.”

He went on to explain that himself, business partner KSI, and Congo Brands don’t think the numbers in the lawsuit are factual – and they’re not the only ones who think so. Logan then shared a clip from TikToker Food Science Babe, who said the same thing Logan did at the beginning of his video.

Prime also apparently saves a sample of every batch that comes off the production line, and they’re ready to have that batch tested to prove that their drink is completely safe.


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Despite this lawsuit, there are still millions of people drinking Prime, as the company recently out-sold Gatorade to become the most-sold sports drink at Walmart.

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