Logan Paul says he’s ‘proven his value’ to the WWE following Ronda Rousey’s criticism

Logan Paul says he’s ‘proven his value’ to the WWE following Ronda Rousey’s criticism

Logan Paul took some time during the latest episode of his brother’s Podcast to respond to Ronda Rousey’s callout of his treatment in the WWE. The maturity of his reply has shocked fans.

Logan Paul has had a prolific run since signing on with the WWE doing exactly what the promotion hired him to do. Delivering viral moments like a spot with iShowSpeed at Wrestlemania 41 or some death-defying stunts with on-screen rival Ricochet.

Despite having an obvious natural talent for Professional Wrestling, former WWE Superstar and UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship Ronda Rousey claimed Paul’s success was the result of ‘special treatment’. “They’re rolling out the red carpet [for him]. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things,” Rousey said on Steve-O’s Wild Ride.

Appearing on the latest episode of Jake Paul’s BS podcast, Logan Paul responded to Rousey’s criticism of how much time the WWE spends on him. Despite his heelish antics on screen, Paul addressed Rousey’s jab with surprising grace.

Rousey’s comments weren’t well received by the WWE Universe who took her critique as bitterness. Logan Paul made an effort to defend her when he responded.

“I don’t think she’s a hater,” Paul qualified. “I think she might be unhappy with how her run in the WWE went, but I don’t know anything really about that. All I know is how I work and the facilities and time that I’ve been given to make my matches as best as possible.”

“I think the WWE recognizes that when I put on a good match – which will happen every single time I perform – the outcome and the reaction of the fans is immense,” Paul continued. “I think I’ve proven my value both in and out of the ring, on the mic, wrestling. The impressions that I’m delivering the company are second to none.”

Paul’s handling of the situation has even won him some praise from wrestling fans. “I’ve developed a huge amount of respect for Logan since he joined the WWE,” one user said in response to Pro Wrestling Finesse’s coverage on X.


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“Love him or hate him he’s a fantastic athlete and entrepreneur, and this was a very mature response.”

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