Love Is Blind’s Amy defends friendship with controversial Season 5 star

Love Is Blind’s Amy defends friendship with controversial Season 5 star

Amy Tiffany wants the world to know that Lydia Arleen is much more than what you saw from her in Season 5.

Now that Amy Tiffany is officially a part of Love Is Blind family (and on the list of the only LIB couples that are still married), she has wasted no time socializing with fellow alums of the series.

In fact, she did a meet and greet with Season 5 star Lydia Arleen, who if you remember, didn’t get the best fan reaction from her season to say the absolute least.

Most viewers weren’t fond of Lydia from the start, and even went as far as claiming that she had an ulterior motive for being on the show.

On April 21, Amy took to her Instagram story and explained in a lengthy that while Lydia didn’t have the best on-screen edit, the show does not do her personality justice.

“As viewers, subconsciously we like to fill in the gaps and take the couple minutes on screen as absolute fact and thus lead us to misunderstand people,” Amy vented in the story.

The reality TV star also compared herself to Lydia, stating that her Season 6 birth control conversation with her now-husband Johnny McIntyre was perceived in a completely different way for viewers than what the real situation was.

If you missed their meet and greet, there’s still a chance to meet Lydia and several other LIB stars in person at the 2024 Netflix Is A Joke festival.

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