Love Is Blind’s Trevor returns to social media after “nightmare” Season 6 reunion

Love Is Blind’s Trevor returns to social media after “nightmare” Season 6 reunion

Over a month since the drama that was the Season 6 reunion, Trevor Sova is back and he is facing the noise.

One of the most jaw-dropping moments from the Season 6 reunion (aside from Sarah Ann’s fashion roast) was when Trevor Sova made a surprise appearance.

His cameo quickly turned south after he was put on the spot about allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, with evidence of their text messages displayed for his co-stars and live audience to see. 

Stunned, Trevor soon asked to leave the reunion and that was the last that fans heard from him for a long while. But now, he’s back and he has something to say.

On April 17, Trevor shared a photo of himself on Instagram  (which he hadn’t posted on since February) along with a lengthy message where he explained his side of the reunion chaos.

“I knew allegations about me had been made the night before we filmed the reunion but I for some reason didn’t read the actual texts and when I saw them pull up on a screen I felt like I was in a nightmare only that nightmare was about to be viewed by 50 million people and I had 3 seconds to think of a response,” he explained in the caption.

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The reality TV star went on to share that he admits his wrongdoing and is currently seeing a therapist to focus on his mental health. While the general reaction from the LIB fanbase was mixed, his Season 6 co-stars welcomed his return back with open arms in the comments section.

Clay Gravesande wrote, “ I always got your back bro!” Kenneth Gorham also chimed in and wrote, “Always behind you bro! Stay strong, stay encouraged.”

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