Love Island star criticized after launching “pyramid scheme” business

Je'Kayla Crawford

Love Island star criticized after launching “pyramid scheme” business

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Samie Eilish from Love Island UK Season 9 just launched her first-ever company, and fans do not think that it’s legit in the slightest.

After turning down her TV comeback that would have been on Love Island: All Stars Season 1 because of her ex Tom Clare, fans were wondering what Samie Eilish was going to do next.

Tons of former islanders have gone on to collaborate with major brands or launch companies of their own. Samie has decided to do the same thing, however, she’s not exactly getting a lot of support from her fanbase.

On May 6, Samie took to Instagram to share that she is launching a company called Getaway With Samie, a brand marketed as a way to teach people how to  “make money while you travel”.

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Viewers quickly took to Reddit to share their reaction toward her new business, and most bluntly commented that it appears to be a “pyramid scheme”. Not only that, but some are alleging that she’s well aware of the criticism and doing her best to try and remove it from public view.

One fan wrote, “She has deleted all the comments that say this lol.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “I noticed that too. All negative comments have been deleted.”

According to Heat World, Samie temporarily replied to the backlash via Instagram story and denied the rumors that Getaway With Samie is a fake company.

“To respond to the whole word ‘scam’ this is a legitimate company and business that many people including my friends and family are involved in,” the outlet reported as part of her IG message.

As for now, it looks like the reality TV star isn’t going to let the hate stop her as the IG page for the business is still live. There is no information on the page on how to use the company for the supposed travel benefits, it only says “DM for more info” in the bio.

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