Love Island USA fans think Season 6 contestants might be ‘moving too fast’

Molly Byrne

Love Island USA fans think Season 6 contestants might be ‘moving too fast’

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Though they have to mingle before their first night sharing a bed, Love Island USA fans think the Season 6 Islanders are ‘moving too fast.’

Love Island USA Season 6 showcased ten Islanders and three Bombshells in the first episode. Though nobody appeared to have met before, the contestants have already displayed their deep connections with each other.

By the end of the first night, everyone was coupled up. That was until Bombshell Liv Walker stole Rob Rausch from Leah Kateb, leaving Leah single and ready to mingle with the two Bombshells who entered the Villa at the end of Episode 1.

However, before the original ten Islanders coupled up, host Ariana Madix introduced the ‘break the ice’ challenge, where they were able to chip away at a block of ice that held a card with a question in the middle.

The Islander asking the question then chose another Islander who the question reminded them of, like ‘Who gives you the most red flags?’ The two would then kiss, leaving some contestants with a mouth full of saliva, as some kissed multiple people.

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Not only did they share passionate kisses on the first night, but Islanders Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans displayed an instant romantic chemistry that led to plenty of PDA within the first few hours of the show.

Kaylor even shed tears in a confessional when she thought Liv was going to steal Aaron from her in the first re-coupling ceremony.

After Episode 1 aired, fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts, with many agreeing that the USA contestants ‘move too fast.’

“Everyone is moving so fast. We about to have a messy season,” exclaimed one fan.

“Is it just me or did some of these people get attached insanely quickly?” questioned someone else.

Another fan added that the ‘break the ice’ kissing challenge was intended to cause quick attachments, adding that the season is sure to be “delicious” after the drama from Episode 1.

One fan even compared the Love Island USA contestants to those from Love Island UK, saying that day one in Fiji has more PDA than four weeks in Spain.


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Though Love Island USA contestants might already be falling for each other, fans are in agreement that Season 6 is about to be a “fun” time.

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