Man shocked after Verizon accidentally sends him $439M phone bill

Man shocked after Verizon accidentally sends him $439M phone bill

A man went viral on TikTok after showing a bill from Verizon for $439M, leaving himself and many others shocked in the process.

TikToker deathby2wheels recently changed his phone from Verizon to his current carrier, so the company sent him a bill for the amount that he owed on the former plan.

He revealed that there were two iPhones with matching Apple Watches on the Verizon plan, and shared how much he thought he would owe to the company.

“Lets just be nice and say [that I owe them] $5,000,” he said.

Then, the TikToker read off the beginning of the notice — emphasizing the fact it says he could pay the balance in full before showing the amount due: $439,092,988.

The notice was very obviously a mistake, and a few people shared their thoughts about how it could have happened in the comments.

“I worked in collections, the accountant that generated the notice put Verizon’s total debt to be collected, on everyone’s notice instead of individual amounts,” one user replied.

Another pointed out that where the letter should have said his name, it said the date instead. “They for sure did, especially with the date column where the name should be. Dead giveaway,” they replied.

A third user commented: “This is the second Verizon video I’ve seen today. Other girl was 2 watches 2 phones and it was 388 million.”

He’s not the first person to get shocked by an extremely high bill, either. Back in February, a woman was surprised after getting charged $1000 by Subway.

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