Marques Brownlee defends his “bad reviews” after backlash over Humane AI Pin video

Marques Brownlee defends his “bad reviews” after backlash over Humane AI Pin video

YouTuber Marques Brownlee has posted a new video responding to the backlash that followed his Human AI Pin review, defending his decision to post negative reviews.

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, posted the review of the Humane AI Pin on Monday, calling it the “worst product” he’s ever reviewed. However, some people have criticized him for being “unethical” and “potentially killing someone else’s nascent project.”

Responding to the criticism, MKBHD said, “I don’t even think Humane is going anywhere,” while rhetorically asking, “Do you still get a bunch of negative reviews and then die as a company if the product is actually really good?”

The YouTuber addressed the concerns of the video’s title and thumbnail being ‘clickbaity’, saying, “I totally get that. But I also stand by our title and thumbnail, especially the end of the title. Keep in mind that most of the people who see this in their feed and their subscription box have never heard of The Humane AI pin, and this will be the first time they hear about it.”

“They click on it, hopefully, and then they’re delivered with a thoughtful, well-considered, balanced, honest, entertaining, and informative video,” MKBHD added.

MKBHD also reminded that his goal is to “make an informative, educational, and honest video review” and he doesn’t have “any duty to any of the companies whose products I cover. It is only to the people watching the videos.”

The Humane AI Pin is an AI device that aims to replace your smartphone. It lacks a screen and instead utilizes voice output and a laser projector. Attached to your clothes, it functions as your personal assistant while you’re on the move.

While the AI Pin sounds very exciting on paper, early reviews, including the one published by MKBHD, note that it’s super slow, lacks basic functionalities, and often provides incorrect answers. Plus, it costs $899 with a monthly subscription fee of $24.

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