Marques Brownlee slams Humane AI Pin as “the worst product” he’s ever reviewed

Marques Brownlee slams Humane AI Pin as “the worst product” he’s ever reviewed

Marques Brownlee’s review of the Humane AI Pin features the content creator claiming that the product is the “worst product” he’s ever reviewed, due to issues such as poor responsiveness, heat management, and design.

The Humane AI Pin is a standalone device with its own SIM card. It’s not a smartphone, but an AI assistant that you can attach onto your clothes. It has no screen and relies on voice output alongside a laser projector that projects menus and text on your hand.

While all of this might sound exciting, Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has slammed the product in his latest video.

The YouTuber starts the review by saying, “This thing [Humane AI Pin] is bad at almost everything it does, basically all the time.” Brownlee acknowledges the aluminum frame construction and the built-in sensors (camera, microphone, laser, and notification light), but quickly notes that these are the only bright spots for this AI device.

MKBHD found the Humane AI Pin to be sluggish while responding to commands and prone to making mistakes. In one example, he asked the device for traffic conditions near the Empire State Building. Instead of giving him the information, the AI Pin simply instructed him to “use the voice command feature of AI Pin to ask for traffic information to the Empire State Building.”

The YouTuber wasn’t impressed with the Humane AI Pin’s heat management, either. He said it got warm not only during use but also while just sitting idle. On top of that, he found the Pin to be bulky and snag easily on clothing.

Sam Sheffer, Head of New Media at Humane and fellow Tech content creator, replied to MKBHD’s review clip on X, stating, “An honest, solid review Marques — all fair and valid critiques, both the good and the bad feedback is a gift. We reflect, we listen, we learn, and we continue building.”

MKBHD wasn’t the only one unimpressed, however. YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss also gave the Pin a thumbs-down, simply saying “it’s not good.” The Washington Post’s Chris Velazco summed it up this way: “The Humane AI Pin is a promising mess you don’t need yet.”


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The Humane AI Pin is available for purchase from the company’s website for $699 for the base Eclipse model. But even after you pay for the device itself, you’ll need to pay $24 for a T-Mobile unlimited data plan.

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