Marvel Rivals’ Loki is all about bamboozling enemies and stealing their abilities

Marvel Rivals’ Loki is all about bamboozling enemies and stealing their abilities

In a new gameplay clip for Marvel Rivals, Loki is seen in the Strategist role, making him perfect for tricking enemies and stealing their powers.

The closed Alpha test for Marvel Rivals begins next month and ahead of that, NetEase Games have released a brand new gameplay clip with the most mischievous character from the roster – Loki. Known for his illusionary magic, Loki is the trickster God and a master of deception.

Similarly in Marvel Rivals, Loki is a strategist-type hero who uses his master illusions to trick enemies and shapeshifts to steal their abilities. In the short 42-second clip shared on X, Loki is shown using his signature Scepter as the primary weapon to fire at enemies.

The Scepter fires a green energy beam and works similarly to a marksman rifle in shooter games. As the clip goes on, Loki can also be seen turning invisible and tricking enemies using his illusions.

Loki can also leave astral projections of himself and teleport between different spots on the map to bamboozle enemies, just as he does in comics and movies. However, one of Loki’s signature abilities that players are looking forward to is shapeshifting which will allow them to turn into any hero and use their powers.

According to several players who have already played the pre-alpha version, Loki was a favorite since these magical abilities make him an important asset to the team. In the coming weeks, players also hope to see similar gameplay teasers for other characters as they prepare for closed Alpha on May 10, 2024.

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