McDonald’s and Detective Conan collab with new menu item but there’s a catch

McDonald’s and Detective Conan collab with new menu item but there’s a catch

McDonald’s dropped some exciting news, and it involves an all new collaboration with popular anime show Detective Conan – but there’s a catch. 

McDonald’s never fails to excite fans with their exciting anime-based collaborations. Back in February, the wowed people after combining YuGiOh and Hello Kitty to create a new line of Happy Meal toys. 

Now, they’re teaming up with popular, long-running anime series Case Closed, otherwise known as Detective Conan.

The collaboration serves up a new twist on the McDonald’s Chicken Tatsuta, which is a Japanese-style fried chicken sandwich.

That’s right, unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on the new menu item, you might need to hop on a flight, as it’s currently only being sold in Japan.

The new menu item is a fresh take on the classic Chicken Tatsuta, adding a mouth-watering cheese yurinchi (scallion soy sauce) variation. In the evenings (starting from 5 p.m. onwards), the menu will also include a Chicken Tatsuta with rice buns, called “Gohan Chicken Tatsuta, Twilight Delicious.”

The first-ever collaboration of McDonald’s and Detective Conan is paired with the release of the 27th installment of its film series, Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram, which fans can watch in theaters on April 12.

To mark this new collab, McDonald’s also released a short ad, featuring Conan himself, who tries his best to capture the Chicken Tatsuta, which is described as “the legendary treasure that’s released just once a year.”

McDonald’s also went viral after they announced they’d be collabing with Lotus Biscoff.

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