McDonald’s now does wedding catering packages but only in some countries

McDonald’s now does wedding catering packages but only in some countries

McDonald’s has launched a catering package that people can hire for their wedding – but only if you are getting married in select countries.

Tying the knot while chowing down on a Big Mac or chicken nuggets might sound like a fantasy for many fast food lovers, but for some, this dream can now be a reality. First in Indonesia, McDonald’s has made this possible, introducing a lineup of 100 McChickens, 100 boxes of nuggets, or 100 Big Macs to feed guests. 

All of this rounds up to approximately $267. Available exclusively in Jakarta, US McDonald’s fans can only dream that the package eventually makes its way here.

McDonald’s now does wedding catering packages but only in some countries

Way back in 2014, spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “Many customers told us that they dated here at McDonald’s and wanted to make the full circle of their relationship where it all began.” This eventually led to the creation of the wedding catering service.

Her comment reflected the demand among McDonald’s customers, with many wanting to include their passion for the fast food on their special day. Eventually, this prompted McDonald’s Hong Kong to introduce a wedding package, albeit far more elaborate than the one in Indonesia. 

The deluxe catering service offered in Hong Kong costs approximately USD$1,243, and includes a two-hour restaurant rental as well as a master of ceremonies.

Currently, there’s no word on whether or not McDonald’s plans to expand its catering services to the US, but the idea of celebrating love with a touch of whimsy is certainly appealing to many.

There is, however, a catering service on the West Coast that US fans can get excited about, as In-N-Out Burger has introduced Cookout Trucks that you can hire for big events.

That’s what a viral TikTok couple opted for, as they surprised guests with burgers from the popular fast food chain. The video features people queuing up outside a big In-N-Out stall, complete with staff and burgers that look exactly like the ones you’re handed at the drive-thru. 

If you’d like to hire a In-N-Out food truck on your special day, they have a special calculator that allows you to estimate the cost, as well as a helpline to enquire about the finer details. 

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