Microsoft taunts fans with amazing X-Men ’97 Xbox controllers (that can’t be purchased)

Microsoft taunts fans with amazing X-Men ’97 Xbox controllers (that can’t be purchased)

Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X sweepstakes might be a little too good, as it has X-Men ’97-themed goodies that you can’t actually buy.

The Xbox brand is known for its strange controller promotions, many of which involve crossovers with existing franchises. The latest involves X-Men ’97, the new Marvel animated series that continues the story of the classic ’90s X-Men cartoon.

The next Xbox sweepstakes has been announced in a post on the official Xbox website. Those who post #XMen97XboxSweepstakes on Twitter/X from Monday, April 22, 6:00 am PST through Sunday, May 19, 8:00 pm PST, can win some amazing prizes.

The sweepstakes include an Xbox Series X with an X-Men ’97 comic cover created by writer Rich Douek and artist Paco Diaz. There is also a range of amazing-looking X-Men ’97 controllers produced by Design Lab, each with a box reminiscent of the old action figures.

The great tragedy of this promotion is that these items can’t be purchased individually. Technically, you could have Design Lab make the same controller color scheme but won’t have the action figure box. The skin is also a wholly unique item for the contest.

As one of the many fans of the original cartoon who disliked Jubilee as a kid, I have to say that her controller is top-tier, followed closely by Cyclops’ controller.

The frustrating aspect of this promotion is that it’s only the sweepstakes winners who will get them. Hopefully, if there’s enough demand from fans, there will be an official release for these controllers and skin, giving all Xbox fans a chance to rep their favorite member of the X-Men.

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