Miranda Cosgrove wants to make an iCarly movie to answer the show’s biggest mystery

Kayla Harrington

Miranda Cosgrove wants to make an iCarly movie to answer the show’s biggest mystery


It seems like the iCarly franchise is not ready to close its doors for good as star Miranda Cosgrove is hoping to wrap up the show’s biggest mystery with a movie.

The original iCarly series ran from 2007 to 2012 on Nickelodeon with the reboot being green lit by Paramount+ in 2021 and ran for three seasons until it was cancelled in October 2023.

Many viewers were disappointed that the show ended when the Season 3 finale promised set up the reveal for the show’s biggest question: who is Carly’s mom?

Despite the cancellation, Cosgrove seems determined to give fans the answer to this question, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I had a great experience getting to come back and do it for a few seasons, for sure. But I’d love to still be able to wrap up the story in some way.

“Maybe, hopefully, someday, we’ll still do it. I feel like it would probably be more along the lines of maybe a movie, that would kind of wrap it all up or something like that. So that’s what I’m hoping for. I want to know who Carly’s mother is as much as [fans do]. It seems like a lot of people were hoping to see that.”

The original iCarly series followed Carly Shay and her two friends, Freddie and Sam, as they ran a web series that focused on sketch comedy and outrageous gags.

Throughout the series, Carly was shown to be living with and being raised by her older brother, Spencer, as their father was abroad because of his military service. However, he made an appearance in the series even if he wasn’t a major part of it.

The concept of Carly and Spencer’s mom, however, has been a long-lived mystery as neither sibling talked about her, so many viewers believed she had died.

However, in the reboot, Carly finally opens up about her feelings about her mother to Spencer and it’s revealed that she abandoned them when Carly was younger.

An iCarly movie could give audiences much wanted closure as it would finally reveal who Carly was looking at at the end of her wedding aisle in the Season 3 finale.

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