Modder transforms PS1 into working handheld after chopping motherboard in half

Modder transforms PS1 into working handheld after chopping motherboard in half

A modder has taken an authentic original PlayStation motherboard and used it to create a working PS1 handheld.

With the PlayStation Vita over a decade old, and the PlayStation Portal lacking the ability to play games natively, modders have taken it upon themselves to create new PlayStation handhelds, using retro hardware.

Engineer Yveltal Griffin is one of the latest modders to try their hand at creating their own PlayStation handheld. Dubbed the “PS Hanami”, Griffin put together their nostalgia-inducing PlayStation device in a single month, using the components of an original model PlayStation console.

Originally created back in 2023, Yveltal Griffin shared the PS Hanami on X/Twitter for all to see. The PS Hanami features a handheld just bigger than a PS Vita 2000, and according to details shared on, the handheld is made up of a PU-18 motherboard. The motherboard, typically found within SCPH-5501x model PlayStations from the late 90s, was cut in half and rewired to fit in a custom-built case.

Through accompanying images, Griffin shows off not just the well-made device, but the capabilities of its high-powered display. For the project, Griffin wanted a “crispy video quality” and so implemented the Shinobi Scaler to give games that true 90s gaming appeal. Even the D-pad and buttons from an original PS1’s SCPH-110 model controller were cut up and added to the 3D-printed case for an authentic experience.

While the PS Hanami is an old-school treat, it is missing some important features. According to Griffin, the handheld lacks volume controls, the power LED and reset button aren’t wired up, and there are no heatsinks, among many other issues. It’s also missing the PS1 analog sticks, meaning any games developed with the PlayStation Dual Analog Controller or DualShock controller sticks are out of the question.

Regardless, the PS Hanami is an impressively put-together project. Especially when you consider the re-wiring, 3D-printing, and general engineering all took place in just one month. The result is a gorgeous handheld PlayStation device.

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