Modern Warfare 3 SMG dominates Warzone with “ridiculously good” TTK

Modern Warfare 3 SMG dominates Warzone with “ridiculously good” TTK

One of Modern Warfare 3’s previously most popular SMGs is proving to be a must-use because of its “ridiculously good” TTK at different ranges in Warzone, especially now meta options have been nerfed. 

No matter what changes the devs make to Warzone, SMGs have always proven to be a reliable source of firepower in the battle royale. Sure, they’re supposed to dominate in the close-range, but there are some guns that actually dominate a bit further out as well. 

We’ve seen a few examples of SMGs competing beyond 40 meters – where Assualt Rifles and LMGs typically rule the roost – but one of them, the Striker 9, is proving to be more than viable at different ranges. 

That’s according to Warzone guru WhosImmortal, who highlighted the Striker 9 in a recent video about SMGs now that a few have been nerfed. 

“Really easy to use, especially with this build, great versatility going into some of the mid-range areas and really aggressive at the same time,” the YouTuber said. “I think a lot more players are going to be using the Striker 9 this season.” 

He noted that the SMG is “ridiculously good” and has “great” damage ranges, noting that it has a TTK of around 850 ms beyond 40 meters. 

Timestamp of 6:50

As noted, the Striker 9 has been a popular option previously in Modern Warfare 3, but it has slipped off the radar at times. 

With the likes of the RAM 9 being nerfed, there is scope for different SMGs to take over the meta, and the Striker 9 is in a prime position to become a must-use.

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