Modern Warfare 3’s worst attachment could be lethal with the right buffs

Modern Warfare 3’s worst attachment could be lethal with the right buffs

There is an attachment in Modern Warfare 3 that has cemented itself as the worst in the game but with the right buffs, it could become a great optic that is well worth using.

From the JAK Glassless Optic to the DR-6 Handstop, there is no shortage of fantastic attachments that make up the Modern Warfare 3 meta. However, with so many available it’s only natural that some would fall short and others be entirely useless.

That’s exactly the case for the JAK Bullseye, an aftermarket part added in MW3 and Warzone Season 1 that was immediately hated upon arrival. It quickly proved itself to be the worst attachment in the game, a title it has kept ever since, even now in Season 3.

There are a lot of reasons to not use the JAK Bullseye but it has two real problems holding it back: this optic obscures enemies as soon as you begin firing, and the sights themselves are misaligned so shots don’t go where they should.

Needless to say, an optic that makes aiming harder has no real use other than creating cursed loadouts. However, with the right buffs, this terrible sight could become a legitimate option, at least on some weapons.

What makes the JAK Bullseye unique is that it can be equipped on every primary weapon in Modern Warfare 3. This means it has the potential to be a fantastic substitute for close-range guns with undesirable iron sights like the AMR9 and WSP-9.

It can even be used on sniper rifles providing the opportunity to use a sniper with iron sights. This wouldn’t be too useful in Warzone, but in multiplayer where snipers like the Longbow excel up close it could be genuinely strong.

However, that can only become a reality if Sledgehammer fixes the JAK Bullseye’s aforementioned issues. Until that day comes the faulty optic will remain the worst attachment in Modern Warfare 3 and should be avoided at all costs.

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