More tiny GPUs are on the way & they could transform your PC gaming setup

More tiny GPUs are on the way & they could transform your PC gaming setup

Nvidia is championing small form factor PC builds with new guidelines for Nvidia partners designed to help those wanting compact PCs.

A full-size PC tower case might be considered the best option for PC gaming fans, thanks to the greater flexibility with compatible components and better airflow, but that might be about to change thanks to a new initiative from Nvidia which supports the cause of small form factor PC builds.

According to WCCFTech, Nvidia is not planning on launching a specific new brand or series of graphics cards, instead, the company will be attempting to promote GPUs with a smaller form factor by using a specific label marked “SFF Enthusiastic GeForce”. The label will be applied to existing cards along with new cards that comply with Nvidia’s guidelines, though the exact wording of these guidelines is presently unknown.

More tiny GPUs are on the way & they could transform your PC gaming setup

The focus of these guidelines will not just be on cards suitable for Mini-ITX cases, but compact graphics cards in non-ITX form factors will also be included in the program. Interestingly, there are plans for the program to extend beyond GPUs. Components such as PC cases, power supplies, and more could also receive the Nvidia SFF stamp of approval.

An Nvidia spokesperson said in a statement: “Enthusiasts around the world are choosing Small Form Factor chassis for their dream rigs. However, when building around modern enthusiast GPUs, finding the best components for an SFF (Small Form Factor) build can be challenging.

NVIDIA has developed form factor guidelines to help Gamers pick the best GeForce RTX GPU and components for their SFF build. These guidelines provide dimensions and clearances between enthusiast graphics cards and SFF chassis, creating a standard for AIC and chassis manufacturers to help make building SFF Gaming PCs a great experience.”

Nvidia has not yet confirmed when the SFF program will launch, but it is expected to be soon.

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