MTG & Cowboy Bebop crossover brings promo cards to Standard Showdown

MTG & Cowboy Bebop crossover brings promo cards to Standard Showdown

Collect these exclusive MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction X Cowboy Bebop promo cards from Standard Showdown events.

From August 2, MTG players participating in weekly Standard Showdown events hosted at Wizards Play Network stores will have the chance to win Cowboy Bebop promo cards. This promo set contains five cards in all, each of them in traditional foil.

The cards that have been chosen for this Cowboy Bebop crossover are Lightning Strike, Go for the Throat, Snakeskin Veil, Disdainful Stroke, and Ossification. This selection of mana-cheap Instants – one for each color – still has plenty of relevance in Standard, making them fitting promos for the format.

Each of the five promo cards can only be obtained for a limited time:

Standard Showdown is part of Wizards of the Coasts’ plans to revitalize the Standard format, and its impact can already be felt. Bringing MTG players back to in-person Standard events is no easy task, but with excellent promos like this Cowboy Bebeop crossover, players have more than enough incentive to check out Standard Showdown events at their local participating venue.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction presents the perfect opportunity for this crossover, with MTG’s Wild West set featuring plenty of actual cowboys. This premier Magic release has been packed with bonus cards, from the front-page fracas of Breaking News to the vault-sealed treasures of The Big Score. Cowboy Bebop X Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s Standard Showdown promos are one last surprise to come out of this set, and they’re a welcome one. 

While many MTG crossovers and Secret Lair products contain valuable reprints, that doesn’t seem to have been the priority for this product, instead focusing on a range of cards that are still relevant to the Standard format.

As seen with the recent Secret Lair Artist Series: Rovina Cai, reprints aren’t always the be-all-end-all for limited-edition MTG products. These Cowboy Bebop cards are certainly stylish enough to be worth collecting and will draw in many MTG and anime fans once they arrive at Standard Showdown events from August 2.

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