MTG gets Cowboy Bebop crossover merch & trailer

MTG gets Cowboy Bebop crossover merch & trailer

MTG’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction set is getting an unexpected crossover with a classic anime series.

Cowboy Bebop is having a surprising resurgence. In spite of the Netflix live-action series’ woeful reviews and cancelation after one season, new crossovers with the beloved, classic anime keep cropping up in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary.

First, Overwatch debuted a line of skins, turning characters like Cassidy and Ashe into Bebop regulars Spike and Faye respectively. Now, MTG is getting in on the fun, with a set of crossover merch including playmats, sleeves, and even unique reprints, that are currently exclusive to Japan.

While fans in the US are unfortunately locked out of this crossover for the time being, it seems that it will be anything but straightforward for players in Japan to get their hands on these products too. From April 26 2024, MTG players at Wizards Play Network stores in Japan can get their hands on free MTG Cowboy Bebop postcards when making purchases totaling 3000 yen or more.

For certain lucky players, their postcards will include tickets that can be redeemed for Cowboy Bebop X MTG sleeves and playmats. Only 1000 of these items will be available, making this a highly covetable prize.

According to the official MTG Japan website, this is only the first of 3 Cowboy Bebop X MTG promotional campaigns. The second is highly likely to include the set of 5 crossover cards that fans have found, but that remains unverified for now. The third campaign is part of the Players Convention taking place on May 25th and 26th, with the winners receiving a special Cowboy Bebop x Outlaws of Thunder Junction playmat featuring Oko’s gang.

This unexpected collaboration comes with a trailer that is well worth checking out for its accuracy alone. This faithful remake of the Cowboy Bebop opening – complete with the iconic song Tank! – is sure to be remembered as one of the best things to come out of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set.

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