MTG Kickstarter promises expanded art from legendary artist

MTG Kickstarter promises expanded art from legendary artist

Legendary MTG artist Richard Kane Ferguson is running a Kickstarter to bring MTG fans exclusive prints and playmats. 

Richard Kane Ferguson is one of the greatest and most prolific artists to ever contribute to Magic: The Gathering. His work has helped to define the game’s style throughout the years with dozens of evocative art pieces, and now fans can get their hands on this art in a brand-new form. 

The artist is running a Kickstarter right now to showcase his legendary art in a new way, with exclusive prints and playmats. MTG players of all experience levels will have encountered a Ferguson-designed card before too long, and now they can spotlight these designs when they next sit down to play. 

Beyond the MTG-related rewards, Ferguson states that the campaign donations will help fund a unique, creator-owned graphic novel project titled The Lost Book of Kings. 

At its basic reward level, backers of this campaign will receive 1 limited edition signed, numbered playmat, featuring one of the artist’s incredible MTG art pieces. The campaign has several additional reward tiers, including mats and prints, with the final tier being a bundle of 5 prints. 

It’s important to note that the art pieces used for this MTG merch have not yet been selected. Once the campaign is successful, surveys will be sent out to backers to pick from a selection of MTG extended artworks.  

The starting selection of art is comprised of Force of Will, Vampiric Tutor, Mystical Tutor, Enlightened Tutor, and Worldly Tutor. Beyond this initial offering, more options will be unlocked via stretch goals and voting as the campaign progresses. 

MTG has thrived for 30 years thanks in no small part to its diverse roster of artists. For fans of the game, or fantasy artwork in general, now’s the time to celebrate and support a cornerstone of the game and grab some unique merch at the same time.

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