MTG Thunder Junction infinite combo causes huge price spike for common card

MTG Thunder Junction infinite combo causes huge price spike for common card

Cerulean Wisps can enable an infinite draw combo with a new Thunder Junction Commander, making this common rarity card skyrocket in price.

Cerulean Wisps is a common rarity card from MTG’s much-loved Shadowmoor set. This handy Instant with the power to draw and untap has seen a colossal 536% spike in price recently, going from $1.10 to a median price of $7.00 on TCGPlayer. This huge jump in price is all thanks to the Quick Draw Commander deck from Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

Stella Lee, Wild Card is the Commander of the Quick Draw pre-con deck. Debuting as part of MTG’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction set, Quick Draw is one of the best pre-con decks ever put together by WotC, and it’s entirely down to the sheer power level of Stella Lee.

While many Commander decks over the years have been released with surprisingly potent Commanders, from Edgar Markov to Pantlaza, Sun-Favored, few can win games as quickly and easily as Wild Card. Stella Lee can easily be played at every level from casual to cEDH, thanks to her ability to pull out game-winning infinite combos with ease. Cerulean Wisps is part of one such combo, and it’s so highly valued right now because the core of the combo is just Stella Lee and Cerulean Wisps.

Cerulean Wisps can be played to draw a card and untap a permanent. As long as you’ve cast three or more spells in a single turn, Stella Lee can be tapped to copy an Instant or Sorcery you control. By combining these two abilities, Stella Lee can tap to copy the effect of Cerulean Wisps, which will then untap Stella and draw a card into the bargain.

This loop can continue as many times as you choose, with Stella being untapped by the instant and immediately retapping to copy the effect over and over. Thanks to this combo, players will have access to as many draws as they require to build up a perfect hand and close out the game.

Additionally, Thassas’s Oracle is a card that has gained infamy in MTG for incentivizing draw-based decks that take a huge turn and win without any opponent interaction. If you’re so inclined, Cerulean Wisps makes a Thassa’s Oracle win in this deck a breeze to accomplish, just adding to the pile of combo win-cons that Stella can potentially pull out every game.

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