MW2 rifle has “broken” TTK to dominate Warzone but there’s a catch

MW2 rifle has “broken” TTK to dominate Warzone but there’s a catch

There is a battle rifle from Modern Warfare 2 that has a “broken” TTK in Warzone and can truly dominate, but there is a pretty big catch with it. 

Over the years, Warzone has had its fair share of broken weapons. Some have been overpowered because of weapon blueprints, others just haven’t been balanced properly, and others have benefitted from glitches with attachments. 

Weapon balancing had been an issue when the battle integrated with Modern Warfare 3, as guns that carried forward from MW2 were underpowered. Changes have since been made, following fans voicing their frustrations about some of them being “unusable,” and that’s led to an uptick in usage.

As a result, players have found some weapons that have a bit more power than they’d first believed, with the FTAC Recon being a prime example. 

The MW2 battle rifle was highlighted by Warzone guru WhosImmortal, who claimed that it has a “broken” TTK. However, that does come with a big caveat – its ammunition capacity. 

“If you’re talking purely broken TTK, this thing is almost unmatched at every single range – especially its close and mid-range as sniper support style stuff – this thing is unbeatable,” the YouTuber said. 

“It’s a battle rifle, so you’d think it has decent ammo capacity, but no. Not at all, not whatsoever,” he added, noting that there is a maximum of 15 rounds per mag, so you’ll be “reloading like crazy.” But, land those shots and you will delete enemies from the lobby. 

Timestamp of 6:42

WhosImmortal added that the FTAC Recon is perhaps a more “broken” option for solos or duos, just because of that limited ammo capacity.

Yet with the number of knocks you’ll get anyway, you can easily have other teammates clean up in other modes too. So, give it a go. 

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