My Hero Academia fans can’t wait for one fight in the anime, and it’s not what you think

Anthony McGlynn

My Hero Academia fans can’t wait for one fight in the anime, and it’s not what you think


My Hero Academia has a penchant for awesome fights, and there’s one in particular fans can’t wait for in the anime — but surprisingly, it doesn’t involve Deku.

My Hero Academia Season 7 kicked off in appropriate fashion, by having Star and Stripe and Shigaraki get straight into their battle. A hazardous, mid-air stand-off, it was another proud addition to an anime show known for epic skirmishes.

Fans who know the manga are discussing the fight they’re most looking forward to, since we’re getting close to the My Hero Academia ending in both the source material and anime. One was recently highlighted, and though Shigaraki is involved, Deku only has a bit part.

Endeavor and Hawks leading a battalion of up-and-coming heroes against All For One is the most anticipated match-up for many fans. Taking place from Chapters 353 to 364 in the manga, it’s an electrifying ordeal that demonstrates the true capabilities of everyone involved.

“This fight has some of the best choreography, paneling and dialogue in the story. AFO’s snarky remarks, Endeavors rage, Hawk’s desperation. I really hope the animators pop off for this fight,” a fan said on Reddit.

“Endeavor and Hawks had some great dynamics with All For One. I really hope Season 7 does them justice. The anime usually pops off when Endeavor’s on screen,” added another.

One comment stated it plainly: “Endeavor vs All For One is absolutely the best fight in all of My Hero Academia.”

This fight was the prelude to Deku and Shigaraki finally coming face to face to settle everything once and for all. That’s an epic encounter as well, but Endeavor and Hawks has a really unpredictable vibe to it, because you just don’t know how it’ll go. Any of them could die — though you’ll have to read or watch it to find out about that.

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