Nerfed MW3 AR is actually Warzone’s best in Season 3

Nerfed MW3 AR is actually Warzone’s best in Season 3

If you’re looking for the best assault rifle in Warzone Season 3 then you may want to consider a previously popular gun that received a nerf not that long ago. 

In a bid to shake up the meta in Warzone, the Call of Duty devs have been pretty consistent with buffs and nerfs to the massive arsenal of weapons. At the start of Season 3, for example, popular guns like the Ram-7, Bas-B, MCW, and SOA Subverter were all nerfed. 

When these nerfs come about, its pretty easy for fans to toss these guns aside and look at different options. However, sometimes these guns are still pretty strong after nerfs. 

That, according to Warzone guru WhosImmortal, is the case for the BP50 – which was nerfed back in Season 2 Reloaded. As per his findings, the AR matches the TR-76 Geist – which has the best TTK of any rifle inside 25 meters – but is much easier to use. 

“This thing is versatile, it’s easy to use, it’s got no recoil, it’s fast and agile, it’s checking all the right boxes,” the Warzone expert said, noting it has the “best TTK” of any assault rifle in fights over 45 meters and is just very “consistent” in the ranges before that. 

“This thing’s versatility just stands out so much to me in this category now. It’s versatile and consistent at the same time, which is so clutch.”

The BP50 had been incredibly popular prior to that aforementioned nerf in Season 2 Reloaded, and while it hasn’t completely fallen away, it’s not as widely used as it once was. 

It should make a comeback now that it has been highlighted as a top option again, though.

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