New Pokemon Legends Z-A details revealed in latest CoroCoro

New Pokemon Legends Z-A details revealed in latest CoroCoro

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed some fresh new details on Pokemon Legends Z-A, including what sort of Legendary Pokemon to expect and more information on Lumiose City.

The wait for the upcoming Pokemon Legends Z-A release date is going to be a long one, with the new title currently billed for a vague 2025, meaning eager fans have plenty of time to sit and ruminate on just what this game is going to be about.

Thankfully the original trailer gave Pokemon fans a few tidbits to get excited over, but now Japanese magazine CoroCoro has unveiled some additional information. While most of it clarifies what was already revealed, the new details here are still enough for fans to get excited about.

Scans of the pages with new details were shared on X by user Mootmonthly, while user SoulSilverArt shared a translation of some of the details thanks to Moot and additional translator Rasenburst.

Any translation needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as until official details are confirmed for the West, there could be something lost in translation. However, according to the efforts of Moot and Rasenburst there are a few important details to glean from the CoroCoro scans.

One of the biggest reveals is revealed, with a comment saying, “Megas from X & Y and ORAS are returning. The lore of Mega Evolution will be explored”. While it was clear Mega Evolution was set to return, this is the first confirmation that Megas from both of their featured games will be included.

Another key bit of information details that there is a “bunch of wild Pokemon walking around the city”, which seemingly only solidifies the idea that Pokemon Legends Z-A will take place entirely within the confines of Lumiose City, and not separate biomes like Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Finally, another comment in the CoroCoro scans not only points towards the similarities in the design of the ‘Z’ from the Pokemon Legends Z-A logo and Legendary Pokemon Zygarde, but also asks if we will be able to find other Legendary Pokemon from Kalos.

While none of this is concrete confirmation, it certainly seems like Zygarde is going to be a major focus in Pokemon Legends Z-A, and now it also appears that Xerneas and Yveltal are sure to make an appearance as well.


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It remains to be seen how well the Legends gameplay translates to a single city, but hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long for some more information to calm any nerves.

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