New video from Jack Black reveals who plays Steve in the Minecraft movie

New video from Jack Black reveals who plays Steve in the Minecraft movie

Jack Black has confirmed that he will be playing Steve in the live-action Minecraft movie that is set to hit theatres in 2025.

The cast of the Minecraft movie is stacked with names like Jason Mamoa, Jack Black, and Jennifer Coolidge. However, until now there have been no confirmed castings for who will play what character.

In a video released by Black, he starts by showing the camera a double rainbow outside of his trailer. As the video continues, Black shows the inside of his trailer which shows off various pictures of Steve. A piece of paper with “Steve” can also be seen taped to the trailer door.

Not much is known about the Minecraft movie, outside of a few leaked set pieces of trees. However, with the confirmation that Black will be playing Steve, fans of the franchise are beginning to question the movie.

“How is this even going to work?” asked a few commenters beneath the post.

The storyline of the movie was not the only thing that was called into question following Black’s video. Images of Steve within the trailer were called “AI generated” by many users on Twitter/X.

“Why was one of the steves in his trailer AI-generated,” asked another.

Apart from the initial video released by Black, there have been no additional comments from him regarding the movie. This silence extends to details such as his role as Steve or the roles of his co-stars.

With Black confirming his role in the Minecraft movie, other actors may be coming forward soon to reveal their characters as well.

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