New Wordle-like Spellify tests your MTG skills

New Wordle-like Spellify tests your MTG skills

Uncover a mystery Magic card daily and prove you’re the ultimate MTGenius with this Wordle-style Magic app.

Spellify is one of the latest entrants to the Wordle arena, and it’s a must-play for TCG fans. Run by MTG site Commander’s Herald, Spellify tests your knowledge of Magic: The Gathering and challenges you to identify a specific card after entering up to 13 guesses of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Wordle has proven so enduringly popular that dozens of unofficial spinoffs have sprung up in the years since its launch and acquisition by The New York Times. At this point, Wordle is less of a game and more of a genre, thanks to high-profile successors like Worldle, Pokémon-themed Squirdle, and the sadly-shuttered Heardle.

Spellify includes elements unique to magic like mana pips, the tap symbol, energy counters, and more to help you refine your guesswork.

As the world’s first and longest-running trading card game, MTG has amassed a library of thousands of cards over its 30 years. While it might seem like a daunting task to pick a needle out of that cardboard haystack, Spellify is thankfully generous in shaping your path toward guessing the correct answer.

With many guesses available and a card that helpfully fills out as you play, it’s simple and satisfying to see patterns emerging. As Spellify fills out the entirety of a card – including its ability text – your spell-slinging knowledge will often surprise you with how quickly the answer can snap into focus.

As with many Wordle variants, Spellify is simple to share on social media, allowing you to compete for streaks with your friends, players at your LGS, and even champions worldwide.

MTG players, no matter how experienced, should give Spellify a shot. At the very least, you’ll expand your knowledge of an incredible game, and be introduced to interesting new cards, many of which you may never have considered for your decks before.

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