Nexus Mods grinds to a hault due to excess traffic following Fallout TV series

Nexus Mods grinds to a hault due to excess traffic following Fallout TV series

Gamers may need to wait a while before downloading mods for their favorite Fallout games after the launch of the TV series has brought waves of fans new and old back to the games.

From the magical realm of Skyrim to the irradiated wastelands of Fallout, Bethesda games are famous for their massive open worlds. They’re also renowned for their intense modding community, which attempts to change their favorite games, whether that be better graphics or turning Paladin Danse into Buzz Lightyear.

The popular game modding website “Nexus Mods” posted a warning that “Heavy Traffic” was affecting the website. In doing so, they pointed the finger at the popularity of the Fallout TV series slowing them down in the best possible way.

Nexus Mods has chugged at a snail’s pace as Fallout fans rush to get their hands on game-enhancing mods to add to the PC version of the post-apocalyptic experience. Though Fallout 4 does offer extras via the Creation Club and in-game Mod menu for those who want to avoid external sites.

Fans also stated that Fallout 76 is experiencing server problems. However, it’s up for debate whether this is because servers have been overloaded with player joining attempts or if it’s just general server issues. It’s still Fallout 76, after all.

It seems that the Fallout TV series has brought unprecedented attention to the game, as the attention from the show has made Fallout 4 the biggest-selling game in Europe and some of the titles breaking their all-time high player count, including Fallout 76 giving some support to the server problems being population related.

On the bright side, this lets Nexus Mods prepare themselves for Fallout Season 2, which will undoubtedly revive the public’s attention to the games once again when it releases and, of course, attract more fans to the modding side of Fallout.

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